A Tertiary Hospital with 58 years of providing quality, affordable healthcare to individuals and institutions, is looking for individuals with exceptional credentials who are enthusiastic to share their competency with us and the community we serve.

    • 27 MAY 14


    Ophthalmologists are required to earn a medical degree. The process is a lengthy one, with a prospective ophthalmologist having to earn a 4-year bachelor’s degree, complete four years of medical school, and 3-8 years of internships and residencies. Common undergraduate programs include pre-med, biology, and chemistry; coursework that will help prepare you for a career

    • 27 MAY 14


    Common Requirements: Degree Level: Medical doctorate (M.D.), Degree Field: Medicine, neurology, Licensure and Certification: A federal-issued license is required, voluntary certifications exist and may improve career outlook Experience: A 1 year internship and 3+ years of specialized training in the form of a residency are required Key Skills: Strong communication and leadership skills, attention to detail, organizational skills, problem-solving skills,

    • 27 MAY 14


    Physiotherapists must complete a university degree in an accredited physiotherapy program. University physiotherapy programs are at a Master’s level education. All graduating physiotherapists must pass a national exam to enter professional practice. Physiotherapists are committed to lifelong learning and upgrade their skills through continuing education programming post-graduation. As part of their education, registered physiotherapists have

    • 25 MAY 14

    Licensed Medical Technologist

    Qualifications: A Degree in Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology. Professional License from Professional Regulatory Commission. A member of good standing of the Philippine Association of Medical Technologist (PAMET). Possess a current certificate in Basic Life Support (BLS) training. Knowledgeable in basic Microsoft Office application. Excellent patient and customer relation skills. Excellent communication skills, both

    • 25 MAY 14

    Clinical Pharmacist

    Requirements: Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy with Clinical Pharmacy certification or completion of an accredited Clinical Pharmacy Training Program or Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Specialized in Clinical Pharmacy (5 years) or Graduate of Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) or Master of Science in Pharmacy (MS Pharm) Must be a licensed

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Staff Pharmacist


  • Registered Pharmacist
  • BS Pharmacy Graduate
  • Hospital experience is an advantage but not necessary
  • Three (3) Vacant positions

Ancillary Sales Officer


  • Graduate of a Bachelor of Science Degree, preferably a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing or related field;
  • At least two (2) years marketing experience;
  • One (1) Vacant position



  • Registered Nutritionist/Dietitian
  • At least one (1) year of clinical or medical work experience and related job function.
  • Two (2) Vacant positions

Staff Nurse


  • Registered Nurse
  • Newly board passers are encouraged to apply.
  • Eight (8) Vacant positions


Heart Station Clerk


  • Any Four (4) years Medical Related Course
  • Willing to be assign under agency
  • One (1) Vacant position

Nursing Assistant


  • BS Nursing Graduate or a License Midwife
  • Hospital experience is an advantage but not necessary
  • 3 Vacant positions

Medical Technologist


  • Registered Medical Technologist
  • Newly board passers are encouraged to apply.
  • Three (7) Vacant positions


Company Nurse


  • Registered Nurse
  • Newly board passers are encouraged to apply.
  • Three (3) Vacant positions

Medical Secretary


  • Any four (4) year Medical Course
  • At least one (1) year related

work experience

  • Willing to be assign under Agency
  • One (1) Vacant position